The festival of Landart runs in Tatarstan on the embankment. This place astonishes by its beauty, scale and variety and it’s rarely may be seen even in large and fast-growing cities.
Six years ago the project of the embankment improvement was launched. At the moment its total length is 6 km and it is expected to double in the future. Within the project three artificial lakes were created, and also there are The River of Time and Love Pond that citizens and guests of this wonderful place love so much. The territory is divided into 9 zones, each with its concept and idea.
In the last week the embankment territory was decorated with twenty more art objects thanks to friendly and creative team of florists.
Already in June in Muslyumovo there will be a get-together where people from around the world will be able to feel and see an amazing atmosphere and a beauty of this place.

Festival. Day 5

Landart is a project that brings together artists and designers from different parts of Russia and Europe. 17 teams participate in this event.
On the correspondence stage of the project participants had to decide what figure would become their art object. There were so many ideas and after communication with organizers we chose 17 objects that would be an embellishment of the waterfront.
At the moment we already have detailed Images of many works but there are still designs that remain a mystery for everyone. We still have time to make them completed!
Such projects for us are the opportunity to meet and spend the great time within friendly family of like-minded people creating wonderful things.


We are declaring Muslyumovo Landart Festival open! The contest brought together talented artists and designers from different parts of Russia, Europe and neighbouring countries.
The opening ceremony was held on June 14th where participants, organizers and citizens of Muslyumovo region greeted each other, felt atmosphere of Tatarstan and got inspired for bright creative activity. We saw artistic performance of talented citizens and eventually danced with them!
In the completion of festival program the participants traditionally planted trees and thereby made «IK PARK» promenade even more marvellous.
The work on the site is under way, many objects are beginning to have their character and it gives us a chance to fantasize. We wish everyone a bright and productive festival!

Let’s go!

In 2019 at amphitheater of Solnechiy IK embankment the first International Festival “Landart Muslyumovo” took place. Within the project 15 teams created art objects which please the eyes of citizens and guests of the park to this day. The preparation for the 2nd Festival is well underway! This time even more participants will be involved in this grand event. New art objects will complement the beauty of cozy and atmospheric embankment of Muslyumovo very soon! And we’ve already packed our bags, tuned in a bright and cool project, sent messages to Universe asking good weather and we are going to Land Art! There’s more!

Landart Muslumovo 2.0

It’s only a few days before the festival starts! Some florists and designers are already on set and doing all preparations for the opening, the rest are packing all the tools, trying to make their sketch perfect and looking forward to meeting with colleagues in warm and creative atmosphere of the fest!

Young audience

Children from neighboring districts come to meet teams and see their works. Participants talk about their ideas and what they want to show with their objects. Residents of Muslyumovo prepared a gift for Sabantuy and throughout the festival worked on the creation of objects that will become another decoration of the Park.

Russia supports!

We receive feedback from different parts of our country! Relatives, friends, colleagues and everyone who is interested in the Land Art festival. We will be glad if you could send an email to landart@newflorist.school your comments to the participants, your feedback or any other message. Here is  one of the reviews:

«Hello! I would love to thank the organizers of the festival for taking care of the participants. For hats, delicious breakfasts-dinners-concerts-trips... well done! We —  mother and an aunt of one of the participants express our gratitude from the families of «festival-atttendee»! And what a beauty you have there… Let the festival last longer, we get great pleasure from what we see. And the participants all loved it! Thank you!»

Nina, Omsk

Day 3

The work is in full swing despite the difficult weather conditions! Special thanks to the organizers: Directorate of cultural and sports events Muslyumovsky district and the Department of youth and sports, who are doing everything possible for comfortable work and stay teams. We remind you that You can vote for your favorite work in the voting section!


The opening ceremony of the First international festival "LandArt Muslyumovo" was held at the site of the amphitheater of the embankment "Sunny Ik", where all the residents of the village and the district administration gathered.  The concert program was opened Guzel Galieva, Ilfirin Zayniev, Rifat Badretdinov and Marat Burhanov. The head of the district Ramil Hasovic Mullin welcomed the participants and wished all the teams success. The organizers presented the starting packages with the symbols of the festival and introduced the teams to the volunteers — residents of Muslyumovsky district, who responded with great pleasure to help participants in the creation of art objects throughout the week. Immediately after the official part of the participants was waiting for another pleasant surprise — planting trees in the Park, which will remain as a memory of the First international festival LandArt. Work on the festival site has begun! Already now in the Park and the embankment of the river Ik you can see the silhouettes of future art objects, witness the work of the participants and think about what idea they want to convey to the audience! A gift to the Park and its visitors for the Sabantuy holiday is prepared by the residents of Muslyumovo, working on the shore to create their object!

Last preporations

It's only days before the start of the festival and the participants are already preparing their tools, sketching and planning. Very soon they will arrive in Tatarstan to fill the banks of the river Ik with original art objects. We are looking forward to meeting them and to greet guests of the park.