About project

The first international festival of the Land art Muslyumovo is a unique project for our country and the region in general which introduces new and popular art of working with natural material to create art objects. The main objectives of this project are to set up a park, a public spaces for the locals and also to develop a tourist interest in the area.

IK PARK promenade

The Ik River has already become one of the favourite vacation spots for the locals. As a part of the public areas development program, it was decided to improve the Ik river bank. The main task was to set up a recreation area, a real park. There are several zones: active and passive recreation areas, as well as a festival zone.


It’s worth mentioning the peculiar street lights design. It looks like many trees with round plafonds lighting the festival glade at nights.

Sunny meadow

Sunny meadow is a well-maintained beach area. Here one can sunbathe on comfortable wooden sun beds and relax in the shade of wavy canopies.

Stone Park

The stone Park is located on the site of a dry swamp. Guests of the Park seem to fall into the Pleistocene era and have the chance to walk among the huge boulders from the hills of the right side of the river IK and old, felled by winds and time, trees.

Festival glade

There are an amphitheater, a fire pit, as well as a children's archaeological site, made in the subject of archeology. Several zones appeared on the site: "Forest" with a climbing maze and "Primitive Parking" with a fireplace surrounded by fish nets and huts.


Ramil Mullin

head of administration

Dear friends!
I would like to invite you to Muslyumovo, to the "IK PARK" promenade to participate in the Land art festival.
I sincerely hope that our meeting will raise your interest in Muslymovo and will become the starting point of our productive collaboration.

Ildar Mirkhaziyanov

architect, creative producer of the festival
Director General of the Zakamsky Institute of Territorial Development

(Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny)

Every ear Land art becomes more and more popular all over the world. This year we set a new destination on the Land art festivals map — Muslymovo. I hope that this place will attract many art and nature admirers.

Siberian Art-Space


Siberian Art Space is a team of professionals engaged in the organization and development of various creative projects, festivals and design of urban spaces. Land Art is one of the priority directions that we work on, conducting festivals and trainings in different cities of Russia, as well as participating in various international projects.


Сибирское Арт-Пространство
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Everyone can vote for the best art object between the 3rd (10am) and 8th (6pm) of June. After the vote is complete, there will be a award ceremony.